Black And Multi color Digital, watch faces, amazfit watch faces, clockskins

This clock skin or watch face for android 5.1. Smartwatch and above, All of clock skin in our site is free, Just extract download file in you pc and copy extracted file to your watch at “clockskin” folder

This clock skin is multi-function and it can show this:

  1. color : you can choose the color you need to download “orange, green, yellow”
  2. Digital time ”hour, mint, second”
  3. Around second
  4. Heart rat
  5. Steps counter
  6. Temperature
  7. Show weather
  8. Battery percent
  9. Date “ day ,weekday ,month, year”


ClockSkin_S_d_ Orang


ClockSkin_S_d_ blue

ClockSkin_S_d_ Green

ClockSkin_S_d_ pink


ClockSkin_S_d_ pruple

    ClockSkin_S_d_ Yallo

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