lemfo y3 watch faces, Analog Digital Clock, clock skin.

lemfo y3 watch faces

This clock skin or watch face for android 5.1. Smartwatch, android 7 smart watch clock and above such as Watch face kw88, lemfo, lemfo y3 watch faces and other. All of clock skin in our site is free, Just extract download file in you PC and copy extracted file to your watch at “clockskin” folder. for more information and help please visit this page.

This clock skin is free .

lemfo y3 watch faces
This clock skin is multi-function and it can show this:
lemfo y3 watch faces
  1. analog clock ”hour, mint, second ”
  2. Digital time : hour, mint, second”
  3. AM-PM
  4. weather
  5. temperature
  6. steps counter
  7. heart rate
  8. Battery : percent
  9. Date “ day, weekday, month ”
lemfo y3 watch faces
lemfo y3 watch faces
lemfo y3 watch faces

Android Clock Skin

lemfo y3 watch faces
lemfo y3 watch faces

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lemfo y3 watch faces

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  1. I hope this is a small request to update. Can you make the same ⌚ same color but with a solid black background? Please and thank you if you can.

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